Godaddy Economy Vs Deluxe Vs Ultimate – Which One is Better

Godaddy is one of the best web hosts out there in the market that provide reliable and cheap hosting that can be trusted upon without any issues.

Godaddy is almost a two-decade-old company and has its roots in the web hosting business. It provides a plethora of options to its users to suit their web hosting needs with a wide range of plans that are targeted from users who are buying a hosting plan for the first time to people who need hosting for their already established websites.

The most famous plans provided by Godaddy are the Economy, Deluxe, and the Ultimate plans.

Though all these plans are good on their own, they are designed for a different set of users, it can be a bit confusing, which hosting plan to buy. Here we will provide a comparison between economy, deluxe and the ultimate plan.

godaddy economy vs deluxe vs ultimate

Features of Godaddy’s Economy, Deluxe, and Ultimate hosting plans

All these three plans range from $3 – $8 when charged on a monthly basis under the current promotional offer. You can also avail discounts up to 55% off when you subscribe for a longer duration.

When comparing these three plans to their counterparts over other websites it can be seen that Godaddy provides good features for the asked price and would not be a wonder if you don’t find similar plans on other web hosts at this price range.

The basic differences between all these plans are merely between the ability to host a number of websites and the computing resources, while the general features for all these three plans remain approximately same.

Some of the common features provided by Godaddy in all these plans are as follows –

  1. All these plans come with Linux hosting with cPanel which has become the web industry standard due to its robustness and feature-rich palette. All the required and necessary web hosting management tools can be easily found on cPanel.
  2. Godaddy provides 1-click install solutions for over 125 different kinds of web applications such as WordPress, Joomla, Drupal etc.
  3. Since databases require separate storage for storing the data, Godaddy also provides 1 Gb worth storage space for storing databases.
  4. DDoS attacks and other security threats are a major pain for popular website owners and to counter this ordeal, Godaddy provides all the plans with 24/7 security monitoring and DDoS protection services.
  5. One-click Backup and restore options are also provided with these plans.
  6. Godaddy provides free SSL certificates with the Ultimate plan to enable secure transmission of data.
  7. Integrated support for PHP 7.0 and PHP 7.1

Which plan to choose?

All these three plans provided by Godaddy are targeted for a different audience. Though the basic features and services that these plans provide are same as listed above but the ultimate goal of these plans is to suffice the needs of differently targeted websites based on their monthly resource consumption. Users can choose amongst these plans on the basis of their requirements. We will give a list of detailed differences amongst all these three plans and who should choose which plan.

The Economy Plan

Starting with the Economy plan, this is the cheapest plan amongst the other two and therefore provides the least number of services. This plans cost around $3 per month and provides hosting for only one website along with web storage of 100Gb and unlimited bandwidth. You also get a free business email for the first year of subscription and if you buy the annual subscription of this plan, you will also get a free domain. This plan is most suitable for those people who already own a website with a moderate amount of organic traffic. People who want to start a new website can also opt-in for this plan as its costs very little and this makes it the perfect plan for people who are new to website and web hosting field.

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The Deluxe Plan

Deluxe plan is kind of an upgrade over the economy plan since it offers better everything. It costs approximately $5 per month and offers web hosting for unlimited websites with unlimited storage and unlimited bandwidth. This plan, similar to the Economy plan, provides free business email for the first year and also provides a free domain if you buy an annual subscription. This plan is most suitable for people having multiple websites with low to moderate amounts of website traffic. Unlimited storage and unlimited bandwidth make sure that your website does not run out of quota.

The Ultimate Plan

The ultimate plan is the best plan that Godaddy has to offer. It costs around $8 per month approximately and offers web hosting for an unlimited number of websites along with unlimited storage and unlimited bandwidth. You also get a free business email for the first year and a free domain if you but the annual subscription. This plan has some extra resources which are exclusive to this plan only. These are 2X processing power & memory and premium DNS services. This plan also comes with a free SSL certificate for the first year which helps to secure customer data and increase search engine rankings on various search engines. This plan is best suited for people with already well-established websites that receive high amounts of traffic on a daily basis and have a huge user base. This plan is specially designed to be extensively resourceful. At this price, no other web hosts offer such kind of resources.

Conclusion –

All three plans are great at their own place but since the needs of customers may vary according to their preferences, we can say that Economy, Deluxe, and the Ultimate plan does a pretty good job considering the price they carry. If you are new to website building and just want to start your first website, then go for Economy plan. If you already have a few websites and are looking for a new web host, the Deluxe plan should be your pick. While if you own a blog or a website with decent traffic, you should probably go with the Ultimate plan.