Godaddy Ultimate Linux Hosting With cPanel

What is Ultimate Linux hosting with Cpanel from Godaddy?

The ultimate Linux hosting with Cpanel is the highest level web hosting plan from Godaddy. The Ultimate web hosting plan comes with double resources compared to the Economy and Deluxe plans. Double resources ensure that your website can a handle a high amount of visitors. The ultimate Linux hosting with Cpanel plan comes with 2 CPU, 1 GB RAM, and premium DNS. To give extra security to your website, Godaddy also provides 1 Free SSL certificate for 1 year with the Ultimate Linux hosting with Cpanel plan.

godaddy ultimate linux hosting with cpanelMany times new bloggers and website owners along with the old ones find it hard to move to a new web host that doesn’t cost them all the money they earn. This is mainly because of the reason that there are not many web hosts out there which can provide you good enough hosting plans at reasonable prices.

Most of the web hosts that provide good quality hosting are pretty costly and the ones which provide a cheap hosting compromise in the hosting quality.

So finding a web host with both the plus points i.e cheap prices and good quality hosting is a tough job.

People who are new to blogging or managing a website and want to scale up fast or have an already established website or a blog with a high number of monthly visitors do require extra resources so that their website can run smooth.

Godaddy provides the best solution for such people by providing the Ultimate plan for a mere price of $8/monthly. This plan usually costs around $17 but a sale is going on as of now which helps you save over 55% and buy the plan just for approx $8.

Features of Ultimate Linux hosting with cPanel-

The ultimate plan comes with the very low price tag of just $8 which is much cheaper when compared to similar plans of other web hosts in the market. This plan provides a plethora of features for such a small price and is most suitable for people who are looking to start a new large-scale website or a blog owner who already own a large scale website. All the features provided by this plan are given below-

  • With this plan, you get fully fledged working Linux hosting with cPanel which is considered to be the best web hosting management solution. It comes preloaded with all the necessary tools required to manage your web hosting effortlessly.
  • This plan provides hosting for unlimited websites and in this price bracket, it is considerable.
  • A free domain name is also provided if you buy the annual subscription of this plan.
  • Unlimited storage space is provided in this plan which is more than enough to store all the data required for the website.
  • This plan comes with an unmetered bandwidth which ensures that the website doesn’t fall prey to a sudden increase in traffic.
  • Access to over 125+ different software installation suits with a touch of a single button is also integrated within the cPanel.
  • Unlimited MySQL databases of 1 GB each.
  • Protection against DDoS attacks and 24/7 security monitoring facility is also provided to protect against malicious attacks.
  • Integrated support for PHP 7.0 and 7.1 is provided.
  • One click database Backup / Restore facility.
  • Free SSL certificate is also included for secure transmissions.
  • 2X CPU and RAM
  • Premium DNS

How good is Godaddy Ultimate Linux hosting with Cpanel?

With its Ultimate plan, Godaddy wants to tap to those webmasters who are looking for a shared hosting plan that can handle high traffic websites without making a hole in their pocket. Its unlimited bandwidth ensures uninterrupted data flow throughout the subscription period. It comes with the ability to host multiple website and an unlimited amount of storage space which is more than enough if not enough for websites hogging resources and websites with more traffic and daily visitors.

Just for a price of $8, the features that you get in this plan are unbeatable. It is very hard to find such specifications for this price and this kind of hosting quality.

Who all can use Godaddy Ultimate Linux Hosting plan?

Diving into the detailed specifications of the plan we can clearly see that this plan is made to handle high traffic on websites. This plan is for the already established websites.

The bandwidth provided on this plan is unlimited and so it provides great options for growth for the people who have just started their website since unlimited bandwidth makes sure that no matter how many people access your website, it never runs out of transfer quota.

The plan also comes with 2X resources that is RAM and CPU. More resources ensure that your website runs fast and can handle the load.