What is Deluxe Linux Hosting with Cpanel Godaddy

Deluxe Linux Hosting with Cpanel

The deluxe Linux hosting with cPanel is one of the shared hosting plans offered by Godaddy. The web hosting plan is suitable for hosting multiple websites under a single hosting plan and comes with a free domain name. The deluxe Linux hosting with cPanel price at $10.99 but currently Godaddy is giving 54% discount on this plan. To know more about the plan keep reading this post or Visit Godaddy website to buy.

Introduction to Godaddy Deluxe Hosting Plan with CPanel

If you are a blogger or a website owner you might have found yourself searching for a cheap and reliable hosting sometime or ever.  Finding a good hosting that doesn’t bore a hole in your pocket every month is something that is considered as a difficult task since not many hosting websites out there provide good plans at affordable prices. If the plan is good, it usually is costly and if the plan is cheap, the chances of getting value for money are probably low. So finding plans which are a combination of both good features and cheap price is a pretty tough task to do.

Godaddy Deluxe Linux Hosting With cPanel PlanMany of you might be knowing about GoDaddy and their plans but those who don’t know, Godaddy is a web host that provides true value for money via their web hosting plans. A website having a good amount of monthly visitors requires a hosting plan capable enough to handle the load put on the website.

The Deluxe Hosting plan provided by GoDaddy is one such plans which is perfect for websites having moderate to high amount of monthly traffic and visitors.  The deluxe plan costs only $ 4.99 for a monthly subscription. Currently, this plan is on sale and allows you to save up to 54% on the original price of $ 10.99.

Features of Deluxe Linux hosting with cPanel

The deluxe plan is equipped with the industry standard cPanel which is considered to be the best control panel utility for managing hosting and website data. The deluxe plan provides an array of various features, below given is the complete list of all the features that this plan comes equipped with –

  • This plan is equipped with the industry standard cPanel which is the best known and reliable hosting management software since it provides all the necessary features required to manage your website and hosting.
  • Under this plan, you can host an unlimited number of websites and thus can utilize a single subscription for the websites you own.
  • If you buy the plan with an annual subscription you also get a free domain name registration.
  • You get unlimited web storage with this plan which is again a great feature.
  • This plan comes with unlimited bandwidth to ensure uninterrupted access to the website by its users.
  • 1 click installation options for over 125 different software suits and website software such as WordPress, Drupal etc
  • 25*1 GB of storage space is provided for MySQL Databases.
  • 24/7 active security monitoring and seamless protection against DDOS attacks is also provided within the plan.
  • Support for the latest PHP 7.0,7.1 is also included.
  • One click database Backup / Restore facility.
  • SSL certificate (optional) is also included for secure transmissions. 
  • You also receive 1 free business email account with Godaddy deluxe hosting plan.

How good is Godaddy Deluxe Linux hosting with Cpanel? 

The Deluxe hosting plan provided by GoDaddy is an awesome combination of features and value for money. This plan best suits the needs of people who own multiple websites with huge amounts of monthly traffic and require unlimited bandwidths and storage space to store the website data.

With its price just being at $4.99/month, we can hardly argue that this is the best plan which provides such great features for such a nominal price.

Godaddy has always been known to provide value for money with its cheap but reliable hosting plans. Deluxe plan is a masterstroke in such a kind of league. It has got the best of both the features that are low price high performance.

Who all can use this plan?

This plan is most suitable for the people owning multiple websites or blogs that receives a higher number of monthly visitors and has a good amount of organic traffic. Deluxe plan provides the facility to host unlimited data on the website along with unlimited bandwidth which is very much essential if your website is active and goes through huge amounts of daily visits.

Bandwidth determines the maximum amount of data that your website or blog can transfer within the subscription period. Having unlimited bandwidth makes sure that you never run out of transfer quota and your website remains online throughout the required period.