godaddy vs hostpapa

Godaddy vs Hostpapa

Godaddy and Hostpapa both are popular web hosting providers present in the market today.

When its comes to experience in the web hosting industry, GoDaddy is a much older web host than Hostpapa.

Godaddy was started back in 1997 before the dot-com revolution, whereas Hostpapa started much later in the year 2006.

Clearly, Hostpapa has lesser experience in the industry thus a smaller customer base compare to Godaddy.

But just by looking at the experience, we can not say which web host is better.

To find out the actual winner, we compared both Godaddy and Hostpapa on different parameters to give you a clear picture of the pros and cons of Godaddy and Hostpapa.

Introduction to Godaddy and Hostpapa

Godaddy is an Arizona, US-based web host, whereas Hostpapa is based off Ontario, Canada.

Godaddy is a pretty old and well-established web host in the market offers an array of web hosting solutions starting from shared web hosting, VPS Hosting, Dedicated Servers, and managed WordPress hosting services. Godaddy offers web hosting services on both Windows and Linux platforms.

On the other hand, Hostpapa is also not that new considering the fact that it was first launched way back in 2006 which was almost a decade ago. Hostpapa also offers shared web hosting, VPS Hosting, and Dedicated hosting solutions but it only supports Linux platform.

Before you pick one web host out of the two, you must know where these both web hosts stands when it comes to performance, cost, customer support, and uptime.

In this article, we will compare both the web hosting providers side by side so that you can pick the right web hosting provider to host your website.

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Plans and Features Comparison 

When you will look at the plans offered by both the web hosts, you will realize that the plans have been created based on the traffic requirements of different websites.

The basic or starter plan is suitable for small websites whereas the other plans are for medium to high traffic websites.

Here we will compare the plans of both the hosts side by side.

The first plan offered by Hostpapa is called the Starter plan. The plan cost $7.99/month and provides hosting for two websites along with a free domain name. It offers 100gb of disk space and unlimited bandwidth, this plan is suitable for a hosting small-scale blogs or websites that do not have much monthly traffic.

Hostpapa shared web hosting plans

Similarly, GoDaddy also provides its first plan named as Economy which cost $3.95/month. The plan is much cheaper than Hostpapa’s starter plan. This plan allows you to host a single website and comes with 100gb of storage, unlimited bandwidth and comes with a free domain name.

Godaddy Web Hosting Plans

The second plan offered by Hostpapa is named as Business which is priced at $3.95/ month. This plan provides hosting for an unlimited number of websites with a free domain name. Along with this it also provides unlimited disk space and unlimited bandwidth.

Godaddy has its second plan named as Deluxe which costs around $4.99/month and provides hosting for unlimited websites with unlimited storage and unlimited bandwidth. It comes with a free business email and free domain name.

These plans are suitable for the websites with a moderate amount of monthly traffic.

The third plan provided by Hostpapa is named as Business Pro and costs $12.95/month and provides hosting for unlimited websites along with free domain to register. This plan also provides unlimited disk space along with unlimited bandwidth. This plan is suitable for the websites with higher amounts of monthly traffic.

Godaddy provides its Ultimate plan at $7.99/month which provides hosting for unlimited websites along with unlimited storage and unlimited bandwidth. You also get a free business email for the first year and if you buy the annual plan you get a free domain along with a free SSL certificate.

So comparing all the plan provided by both the hosts we can say that both provides somewhat similar features in all their plans when compared to each other but Hostpapa seems to have higher prices for their plans when compared to Godaddy.

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Godaddy Vs Hostpapa : Web Hosting Performance Comparison

The price for Hostpapa may be higher compared to Godaddy but does it offer better performance than Godaddy?

We strongly believe that more than the price, the performance of a host is more important.

A performance test helps to determine how well does a host performs when a user sends a request from his laptop or mobile to access any information from a website hosted on a server.

We will be doing a performance test on two websites, one hosted on Godaddy and the other one hosted on Hostpapa to determine which host offers better performance.

Godaddy Server performance test -

Host: Godaddy

Godaddy Web Hosting Performance
Hostpapa Server performance test 

Host :Hostpapa

hostpapa web hosting performance

From the test results we can clearly see that the website which is hosted on Godaddy got a C+ grade while website hosted on Hostpapa server got a D+.

The maximum time required by godaddy to fetch data from a server was 340ms while the maximum time required by hostpapa was 712ms which is almost double the time required by godaddy.

So we can say that Godaddy proves to be a better choice as far as performance is considered.

Website Speed Comparison

Website speed is one of the most important factors affecting the growth of a website as it directly affects the wait time for a user trying to visit your website.

Website speed refers to the time taken by the web server to receive a request from a user, process it, and then return the data requested by the user.

The faster this process happens, the better is the speed of a host and the faster the website works.

Here we will compare both Godaddy and Hostpapa and do a website speed test on them to check which one of them performs better.

Godaddy Speed Test

Godaddy Speed Test

Hostpapa Speed Test

Hostpapa web hosting speed

The test results here clearly show that while the website hosted on Godaddy managed to get a score of 83 points, website hosted with Hostpapa only get 60.

Website hosted with Godaddy have a page size of 3.9 Mb and it took only 5.09 seconds to load, while website hosted with Hostpapa have a page size of 1.1 Mb took 3.87 seconds to load the page.

So from these statistics we can clearly conclude that Godaddy proved to be the winner of website speed test.

Time to First Byte (TTFB) Performance Test

Time to first byte means the time taken by a web host to receive the request sent by the user, process  the request and then send the first byte of data back to the user.

The minimum time taken for sending the first byte back to the user is determined as the time to first byte.

The minimum the time taken by the webhost to do so the faster is the host.

This is very much essential since slower hosts take more time to process requests and send the data back to the user.

If you are using a faster host, the web pages requested by the user will load much faster since the time to first byte will be minimum.

Therefore while choosing a webhost, always make sure that you do a TTFB test of the webhost.

Godaddy TTFB Test

godaddy time to first byte performance

Hostpapa TTFB Test

hostpapa time to first byte performance

From the so conducted TTFB test we can clearly make out that Godaddy took only 0.093 seconds for the first byte whereas Hostpapa took a whopping 3.340 seconds to do the same. Moreover Godaddy got a performance grade of C in the TTFB test while Hostpapa got a F.

So from this we can clearly make out that godaddy is a lot faster and better host in terms of performance when compared with hostpapa.

Godaddy vs Hostpapa Uptime Comparison

Uptime refers to the time during which a website was online and was functioning properly.

The higher the uptime is of a particular host, the better the Host.

Someone should always stay away from the web hosts offering lower uptime since it directly affects user experience.

Therefore while choosing a host, uptime matters a lot, since you wouldn't want that your website visitors leave your site and visit your competitors site, just because your website was inaccessible because your host was down.

Godaddy Uptime History

Godaddy uptime history
Godaddy Average Uptime
Godaddy Shared Web Hosting Recent Uptime Report

Hostpapa Uptime History

Hostpapa uptime history

After looking at the uptime history results, we can say that Godaddy both the web hosts manage to offer more than 99.9% guaranteed uptime. 

During some months, Hostpapa fails to offers the guaranteed 99.9% uptime but if we compare the uptime of all 12 months, we will realize that the overall uptime was above 99.9%.

Godaddy vs Hostpapa - Customer Support

Not only attractive plans and good performance is enough to make a host better than others.

Without good support, you cannot define a web host as a good host.

Godaddy provides customer support via many different channels.

You can contact Godaddy customer support either by phone call, which is available 24/7 Or you can just use the online chat option to contact the customer care.

You can also raise a ticket if you need any assistance regarding any setup or configurations.

You will get response from the customer care service within few hours.

If you are in a hurry you can always call them and seek the help via telephonic.

Godaddy also provides help and support in regional languages if you find hard to communicate in other languages.

Godaddy also has payment options in local currency which not many other hosts provide. If you are uncomfortable in paying in dollars or any other currency you can always pay in your local currency.

Somewhat similar to Godaddy, Hostpapa also provides customer support via telephone, mail, fax and E-mail.

You can use any of these ways to contact the customer service of Hostpapa which is also available 24/7.

Final Verdict - Is Godaddy or Hostpapa Good?

Taking in account all the points compared so far we can say that Godaddy proves to be a better option than Hostpapa and it also provides better value for money.

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