Best website monitoring services in 2024

best website monitoring services

Website monitoring services, also known as, website performance monitoring services or website uptime monitoring services, are must-have in this dynamic world of the internet. Millions of websites are updated daily and thousands of changes are taking place in the search listings every second. Keeping an eye on the performance of your website is always a beneficial thing. The performance of the website is the most crucial thing that determines the success or failure of the business. You might have a very attractively designed website with good color combination and functionality but if your website’s performance is not up to the mark and it faces downtimes regularly, the users will only remember the issues and downsides of your website.

Website monitoring services come with either free or paid plans. Usually the paid ones provide better and more features than the free ones, but in the end, it comes down to your personal choice. The free plans are a better choice if you have a low budget but still need to monitor your website or just want to try out the service before you buy it. Free services are a good way to try out the kind of service the monitoring websites provide but it is recommended to go for paid services only if you are trying to monitor large enough blog or website. Free website monitoring services are recommended in case you are looking forward to monitoring only smaller websites or just need to try out the service before buying the paid plans.

Here we have listed top 10 website monitoring services under the free and paid categories.

Paid Website Monitoring Services

Though most of the paid website monitoring services offer options for free website monitoring too, but those who want a better quality of service and more tools and features should go for paid plans rather than using free plans. Free plans are good for trying out the service but it comes with its own disadvantages.

Free services provide the services only for a limited period of time say 7 to 14 days after which you either have to subscribe to their premium plans or renew your subscription. Many services also limit features when providing free services. Paid services are no doubt, better than their free counterparts and cost little as compared to the features they provide.

So if you are looking for the best-paid website monitoring services then check out the below list for the top 5 paid website monitoring services of 2020. 

1. Pingdom


If you are a webmaster or a professional and need a website monitoring service that provides top-notch services then Pingdom is unbeatably one of the best website monitoring services. It is a global performance and availability monitoring solution for your websites, servers, and applications. Pingdom offers a variety of services at reasonable prices. It is not just an uptime monitoring website but can also test the page load speeds and performance along with the server performance. It has more than 70 global polling locations that are used to test and verify the customer’s websites and servers around the clock, all year long.


Pingdom is a paid service but it also offers a 14 day trial on all of its plans which converts to a paid subscription automatically if not canceled before the end of the trial period, the paid subscription comes in monthly and annual tenures. If you buy the annual subscription you get extra 20% off and one month of additional free subscription.

Pingdom offers four plans named as Starter, Standard, Advanced, Professional costing $11.00 , $42.00 , $72.00 and $199.00 per month respectively.


Pingdom offers a wide range of services to its customers such as –

  • Uptime monitoring – Pingdom uptime monitoring service keeps continuously checking whether your website is available and accessible or not. It checks for the availability of your website using Pingdom’s 70+ servers located over multiple locations worldwide. Whenever it detects that your website is down, it sends instant notifications via SMS irrespective of the time of day. It also analyses and identifies the root cause of the downtime and informs you about it to avoid any future issues.
  • Alerts – Pingdom alerts the right person every time your website goes down. You can invite multiple colleagues or customers to view reports and edit settings of your website reports and you can also customize the alert levels. The alert level customization feature allows you to let Pingdom inform you about website outage only when it passes a certain severity threshold. You can also create teams and pass on the alert notifications to all the team members if required.
  • Page speed monitoring – Pingdom provides advanced page speed monitoring tools which are very easy to use and can start monitoring page load performances in under a minute. The page load speed tests do an in-depth examination of time taken to load HTML, CSS and javascript and in what order they were loaded. It also gives optimization tips armed with size and load time of every element. All these details are provided in a very comprehensive and visual manner for a better understanding of the user.
  • Visitor Insight – visitor insights offers you the ability to discover how site performance issues affect the visitor’s experience. It collects data from users via your website and analyses how the user reacts to different aspects of your website. It provides all the information to you in an easy to understand and implement way.
  • Transaction monitoring tools – In case if you run a website which also carries transactions, this tool will help you to monitor the transactions and will send a notification alert if anything goes wrong.
  • Server monitoring – Pingdom provides one of the best server monitoring tools which can track any custom metrics and create alerts using StatsD implementation. It can monitor more than 40 servers at a given time simultaneously and provides real-time information on a dashboard. It comes with 90+ plugins for easy implementation and usage.

Overall, Pingdom is one of the best-paid website monitoring services that offers great functionality and features.

2. Better Uptime

betteruptime logo

Better Uptime is a beautiful uptime monitoring service that just works. It is fast, reliable, and works great for large teams as well as individuals. Their monitoring includes phone call alerts and multi-locations checks with a frequency of down to 30 seconds. Getting started is extremely simple and you are able to test the full scope of alerts and incident management within a minute of signing up.


Better Uptime offers pricing suitable for both large teams and projects just starting out. Their free plan includes unlimited e-mail alerts and monitors. All paid plans come with a 3-day trial and start at $30 per month for the Freelancer plan. The available team plans include an $80 per month tier and an Enterprise tier starting at $150.


  • Insightful alerts – Get notified by phone calls, texts, e-mails, and Slack messages. All notifications include screenshots and error logs to help you quickly understand the issue.
  • Complete incident timeline – Every incident comes with a detailed event timeline, so you know exactly what happened.
  • Built-in incident management – Escalate and acknowledge incidents, compose post-mortems, set up on-call duties, and collaborate to solve issues faster.
  • On-call duty scheduling – Easily set up on-call duty rotations with your teams directly from Google Calendar.
  • Manual incidents – Non-technical colleagues can report critical errors and initiate incidents with a unique link.
  • 100+ integrations – Integrate your favorite tools like Slack, Microsoft Teams, ZenDesk, PagerDuty, Data Dog, Grafana, and many others.
  • Heartbeat monitoring – Monitor CRON jobs along with asynchronous workers and receive alerts if they do not run as expected.
Better Uptime has got the most attention as the go-to alternative to Pingdom and rightly so. If you are looking for the same level of reliability with superior usability and PagerDuty built-in, Better Uptime is the best service out there.

3. AlertBot


If you’re looking for reliability and quality in your website monitoring service, AlertBot has been offering advanced monitoring for well over a decade. Businesses choose AlertBot to help them find and eliminate website problems, to increase revenue and protect their online image. AlertBot helps companies ensure a first-class website experience for all their customers.


AlertBot is a paid service, but they also offer a free trial of their full product for 14 days. Pricing is structured by Annual or Monthly terms with three core plans: $110.00/month for the Essentials Plan (ideal for businesses with one or two crucial sites or applications), $310.00/month for the Professional Plan (ideal for mid-sized business with a handful of sites and applications to test), and $1060.00/month for the Enterprise Plan (ideal for large businesses seeking high quantities of monitoring and applications). They also offer Custom Plans for more specialized needs. Annual plans get an extra 10-15% off the monthly rates.


  • Advanced Monitoring Done Simply – AlertBot knows that advanced features don’t have to be complicated. AlertBot’s simple and intuitive interfaces make it effortless to set up and monitor your most advanced websites and web applications.
  • TrueBrowser Page Technology: AlertBot lets you test crucial web pages and mobile pages using real web browsers to replicate an actual user experience.
  • TrueBrowser Transactional Monitoring: AlertBot lets you set up multi-step transaction monitoring using the AlertBot Web Recorder, allowing you to simulate actual processes on your site using real browsers such as login processes, form submissions, shopping carts, etc.
  • Fast Alerting – AlertBot helps keep users informed and on top of things by alerting your team anytime your website is slow or down with text message, email, or phone call alerts.
  • Proactive ScriptAssist™ – AlertBot offers a Proactive ScriptAssist™ option to help proactively address and fix issues for your recorded experiences to save your team a lot of time.
  • Global Presence – AlertBot is everywhere your customers are. Monitor your web pages and processes from over 100 locations around the world.

Overall, AlertBot is one of the top choices for website monitoring solutions offering many more features and functionalities than competing services, and well worth trying out.

4. Site24x7


Site24x7 is yet another paid website performance monitoring service that gives a deep evaluation of performance parameters of the website’s resources and insights of the areas that might cause an issue in future. Site24x7 offers affordable plans with modular functionality and is very easy to use. If you want a good website monitoring service then, Site24x7 is the best option for you.


Site24x7 provides flexible and affordable pricing with great features. It also offers a 30-Day free trial that you can avail without using your credit card. Site24x7 provides four plans named Starter, Pro, Classic and enterprise. The subscription needs to be bought on an annual basis for $9 / month, $35 / month, $89 / month and $449 / month respectively.


  • Website performance monitor – It monitors the performance of internet services like DNS servers, FTP servers, HTTPS, SSL/TLS, SOAP web service and many more through 90+ Global server locations. It proactively monitors the uptime and performance of your websites and has 0% rate of false alerts. It gives a detailed insight of response times like DNS time, connection time, a time taken to receive first byte and many more.
  • Server monitoring – Server monitors can monitor all your servers including linux and windows based servers. You can also easily monitor apps like Exchange, IIS, BizTalk, SQL etc. It gives an in depth insight into all your server performance details. It comes with 50+ plugins to easily integrate the server monitoring feature into your servers. A total of 50+ performance metrics like CPU, memory, disk etc are monitored in real-time by the server monitors.
  • Synthetic Web transaction Monitoring – It helps to monitor the performance of the website and point out the critical user flows that hampers the end user experience directly. It keeps tracks of all the user data flow and gathers information about the functioning of the website based on it.
  • Real user Monitoring – Real user monitoring monitors the activities of real-time users on your website and generated detailed reports based on the experience of the users. It collects detailed metrics on network, frontend and backend response times.
  • Public and private Cloud Monitoring – If you use cloud computing resources, then this tool will help you to monitor the health and performance of your cloud computing resources. It analyzes various parameters of system architecture and infrastructure and ensures optimum application performance. It also points out any flaws and problems if encountered.
  • Network Monitoring – Site24x7 provides comprehensive network monitoring which gives detailed insights into health and performance into the health and performance of the network. It is equipped with multiple monitoring programs such as the WAN accelerator monitor, Wireless monitoring, UPS monitoring, Router monitoring, Switch monitoring, Firewall monitoring etc.

Overall, Site24x7 provides a good value for money and a comprehensive analysis of your website performance and is a good option for webmasters.

5. Uptime


Uptime is one of the most popular website uptime monitoring services most commonly used by webmasters to monitor overall website performance. It provides advanced features for website monitoring and detailed comprehensive reports on a daily, weekly, monthly basis. If you need a relatively cheap and reliable website monitor, then Uptime is the best choice for you.


Uptime offers relatively cheaper prices for its services, starting at just $7.96 / month. All the plans are billed annually and you get extra 20% off on an annual subscription. Uptime offers four different plans named as Basic, Superior, Business and Enterprise costing $7.96 / month, $31.96 /month, $63.96 / month and $159.20 / month respectively. All the plans can be availed for a free trial of 21 days that requires no credit card at the time of registration.


  • Detailed reports – Uptime provides daily, weekly or monthly detailed reports of website performance via email. It includes the uptime, response time of the website, server speeds, and many other aspects that are tested thoroughly. You get a detailed summary of all the tests, which helps in identifying issues quickly.
  • Unlimited tests – Unlike other website monitoring services which provide limited number of tests depending upon the plan opted, Uptime provides unlimited number of tests that can check HTTP(s) connections, Real user monitoring, Ping, TCP, UDP, DNS, SSH, SMTP, POP, IMAP, Domain blacklisting, Domain WhoIs/expiry, Virus SCans and SSL certificate expiry. 
  • On-Demand Alerts – If your website ever faces a technical issue or goes down, Uptime will instantly send an alert via Email, SMS, Twitter, Web-Hooks or via Push Notifications.
  • Global network – Uptime conducts website tests from over 30 different locations spread around the globe. Multiple locations ensure that the availability of monitoring site if one or the other server is unavailable due to any reason so that your services are never affected.
  • Virus checking – All the websites and applications are scanned by uptime using Google Safe browsing and Yandex safe browsing services to ensure complete safety. These scans check for malicious softwares and security threats that might cause problems to the website.

Overall, Uptime provides a very good service for the prices they charge. Their trial period offers do not require any credit cards so you can always try the plan before you buy it.

6. Monitis


Monitis is a website monitoring tool, owned by TeamViewer, it is a reputed and trusted website monitoring service that uses cloud-based technology to fulfill your monitoring needs. Used by over 200,000 people in over 197 different countries, It is recommended by 98% of the current users. 


The pricing system on Monitis is completely different from the traditional way followed by other service providers. Unlike other service providers who provide predefined plans with set limits for usage and features, Monitis allows you to build your own plan from scratch. Starting from as low as $12 / month you can build your own plan by choosing the usage details as per your convenience. You can customize the plan and buy it on a monthly or annual basis. You also get a 20% discount if you go for an annual subscription or you can also opt for a 15-Day trial if you would like to try out the services first.


  • Uptime monitor – the uptime monitor check the performance and availability of websites, applications and internet protocols such as HTTP, HTTPS, FTP, ping, SMTP, POP3 IMAP, UDP, SIP, SSH, TCP, UDP etc from 30+ Monitis global locations such as USA, Germany, Australia.
  • End User Monitors – End user monitors include real user monitoring, Synthetic transaction monitoring, and page load testing. Real user monitoring helps to collect data from activities of users on your website and determine any flaws if present. Similarly, full page load monitor and transaction monitoring systems monitor the page load on each page of the website and flow of data and its proper functioning respectively.
  • Server / Device monitors – Server or device monitors help to assess the critical data of servers such as CPU usage, Disk space, Memory consumption, Process, load, bandwidth etc. It is important to maintain the performance and health of servers from time to time.
  • Alerts – Monitis sends notification alerts via SMS and email to the users whenever any abnormality is detected in their website or the servers. You can also configure the alerts so that they are sent to a bunch of people including you.
  • Performance reports – Monitis provides monthly and weekly performance reports for the specified servers or websites on your email. You can also check the reports yourself by using the dashboard provided by monitis on their website.
  • Security scans – Security scans help to detect malware and security threat that might be present on the servers or the websites and alerts you if found.
  • Page load monitor – PAge load monitor helps to check how long it takes to load and render your web pages in a real browser. It provides detailed statistics of all the separate resources and their loading times.

Overall, Monitis is a great website service monitor which can be tried out with their 15-day trial scheme. It provides a comprehensive dashboard equipped with all the tools and features that can be easily accessed and examined.

7. Uptrends


Uptrends is a cloud-based website performance and network monitoring system. Founded back in 2007, Uptrends has four different office locations with over 180 locations worldwide, Uptrends is a good choice if not the best for people who need good website monitoring services at reasonable prices.


Uptrends provides a 30-Day free trial on all of its plans which requires no credit card at the time of registration. It also offers a 20% off on your first invoice. You can either choose between the monthly or the yearly billing options. Uptrends provide five different plans under two different categories. The first category being Basic Website monitoring has three plans under it named as Starter, Premium, and Professional which costs $11.33 / month, #32.54 / month and $158.61/ month respectively. The second category is Advanced website monitoring which has two different plans under it named as Business and Enterprise costs $27.14 / month and $49.10 / month respectively. The Advanced website monitoring plans come with options to compose your plan and requirements yourself, which is most suitable for people who own multiple websites.


  • Website monitoring – Website monitoring service helps to monitor the performance of the website along with its uptime. It monitors different internet protocols such as HTTP(s), web services (SOAP, REST, API) SSL certificates, DNS and servers around-the-clock.
  • Instant alerts – Uptrends monitors your websites 24/7 and sends instant alerts whenever is confirmed as a problem. It provides false alert free services that ensure that you don’t get informed falsely about the status of your website. You can also set the escalation levels for receiving alerts according to the priority so that the information reaches the earliest to the desired members.
  • Multiple locations – Uptrends provide location-based insights gathered through the analysis of the websites done from more than 180 selectable monitoring servers present all over the globe. It Pinpoints the locations that are causing trouble in your websites and also determines the origin of the problem. The monitoring process is done at the interval of every 1 minute and can monitor over 50+ different web protocols simultaneously.
  • Detailed reports – Uptrends provides scheduled reports of the website’s performance containing all the data which is presented in a very comprehensive way for better understanding. The reports are sent via email in PDF or Excel, whichever you prefer. Uptrends also keep an archival record of all your reports and your synthetic website monitoring data so that you have enough sample data to make decisions regarding your website performance.
  • Comprehensive Dashboards – Uptrends provide a series of unique dashboard reports that can help you to understand and comprehend the advanced root-cause analysis done by uptrends on your websites to pinpoint the issues and problems. You can also use the easy-to-use drag-and-drop interface to effortlessly customize the dashboard and statistics to your needs.

Uptrends provide an efficient and easy to use the platform to enhance the usability and functionality of your website without paying a hefty fee.

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Free Website Monitoring Services

Free website monitoring services may not be as good as the paid counterparts but they are a great alternative if you just want to try out the service before actually buying it or if you want to stick with the free services for saving money. Though many of these services provide free subscriptions only for a limited period of time but many of them do provide lifelong free services but with limited options. You can also upgrade to premium services provided by these websites if you ever wish to upgrade from the free plan.

So if you are interested in trying out some of the best free website monitoring services, here we have listed the top 5 free website monitoring services of 2019 that you can check out.

1. Uptime Robot

uptime robot

Started in January 2010, Uptime Robot is a free website monitoring service that provides a ton of options and services. Major companies such as Expedia and Fandango use Uptime robot as their basic website monitoring service provides. Though now it has introduces a Pro plan but it still comes with a Free Plan which you can use to get the best monitoring services for free.


Uptime Robot is completely free to use service but it comes with a pro plan which you can buy if you need better features than the free one. The free plan comes with 50 monitors and can store up to 2 months of logs. It monitors the websites at an interval of 5 minutes while the pro plan comes with 1-minute monitoring intervals and option to choose up to 20000 monitors. It provides up to 12 months of logging and SSL monitoring for a price tag of $4.5 / monthly when billed annually.


  • Instant alerts – Uptime robot alerts the user for any kind of unwanted activity or downtime on their website or servers via a huge variety of options such as E-mail, SMS, Twitter, Slack, HipChat, Telegram, Push, Web-hooks and multiple other ways.
  • Uptime monitors – Uptime robots monitor your website or servers with over 50 monitoring checkpoints which are checked over an interval of every 5 minutes with support for HTTP(s), ping, port, and keywords.
  • Comprehensive stats – Uptime robot provides statistics for uptime, downtime and response times in a comprehensive and easy to understand way. The dashboard provided by Uptime Robot shows each of your checks and graphs of all the tests done in the past 24 hours.
  • Maintenance windows – If your website is going under maintenance and you want to stop the monitoring process for that time being, you can use the maintenance window feature to set the time periods in which you want your website not to get monitored.
  • Public status pages – You can easily share the statistics of your website with your teammates or visitors by using the public status pages feature.

Overall Uptime robot is a very good option for people who want completely free website monitoring services.

2. Statuscake


Statuscake is another free website monitoring tool which is used by over 75,000 users including the giants such as Netflix and Microsoft. Statuscake provides uptime monitoring and performance monitoring services under its free plan. Statuscake locks the prices of plans if any so that you pay the same amount no matter how many years later you keep using the same plan.


Statuscake provides its plan named as a community, for free. It includes unlimited monitors which are regularly checked at an interval of 5 minutes from randomly assigned locations. The servers and websites are tested from more than 100 servers, which are distributed across 40 different countries and 6 continents. More than 75000+ users use StatusCake including giants like Microsoft, GoDaddy, stripe, and NASA.


  • Uptime monitoring – StatusCake checks for your website’s availability as often you need to. It supports over 50+ different protocols like HTTP, HEAD, TCP, DNS, SMTP, SSH, PING, PUSH etc.
  • Server monitoring – StatusCake monitors server performance and other metrics such as RAM, CPU usage, Disk space, Load etc and alerts the users when the servers are under stress or not performing accordingly.
  • Domain monitoring – Domain monitoring tool helps to monitor the domain’s expiry dates and alerts you if the domain needs to be renewed. It also sends alerts if the domain gets hijacked or the domain name records have been altered.
  • Page speed monitoring – Page speed monitoring tools help to monitor the page loading speeds and the load that the server takes while loading the pages. It checks the page loading speeds from multiple locations to analyze how it impacts the website’s performance.
  • SSL monitoring – SSL certificates are a lot important nowadays. They don’t only impact the SEO and ranking of the website but also can break or make the customers trust over your websites. SSL monitoring helps you to monitor your SSL certificates without any hassle.
  • Virus scanning – Virus scanning tools scan your websites for any kind of malware and other security threats and alerts you instantly if found.
  • Reports – StatusCake delivers all the performance monitoring reports directly into your mailbox which includes all the statistics like uptime, page load time, speed tests, server loads etc.
  • Global test locations – StatusCake has 48 monitoring locations situated in over 28 different countries around the globe. You can choose the monitoring location as per your choice from which you want your website to be monitored from.

StatusCake proves to be a very good free website monitoring service that provides all the features for free. It is trusted by many of the well known online companies and is very reliable. If you want a free but good website service monitor then StatusCake can be a really good option for you.

3. Montastic


Montastic is a completely free website monitoring service and is an excellent choice for personal website owners who are in need of website monitoring service. Montastic checks the websites at an interval of every 5 minutes and gives detailed reports of parameters such as uptime, downtime, page load times, server performance etc.


Montastic is completely free to use and does not require any payment. Though if you need a number of monitors or higher frequency of monitoring then you can switch to the paid plans but the basic free service is more than enough for personal websites. The free plan provides monitoring for 3 or fewer URLs while if you need to monitor more than 3 websites you might need to buy the paid package which starts from $5/ month. 


  • Uptime – Montastic checks for the uptime of websites by pinging them at an interval of every 30 minutes and generates a comprehensive report on the data collected such as website downtime, Web page errors, server errors etc
  • Automatic Reports – Montastic uses the data collected through continuous monitoring and generates a comprehensive report containing all the website data and sends it to the owner of the website via email. You can also get the Mac, iPhone, Windows or Android applications to do the same.
  • Widget support – Montastic provides Yahoo widgets for easy access to data regarding the website monitoring in real time. You can get all the information such as uptime, server performance, web page reports, server downtime etc through the widget which is an easy and fast way to get all the required information.

Montastic is a very good option if you just need a basic website monitoring service that provides easy access to all the information and that too free of cost. 

4. Basic State

(Note: This website is no longer available)

basicstateBasic state is a website monitoring website which is most suitable for small-scale blogs and websites. It provides monitoring services for an unlimited number of websites from a single account for free with an interval period of every 15 minutes. You can also create your own plans and configure it as per your needs. It also provides a Pro plan for those who want more services.


Basic state is a completely free website monitoring service which comes with 10 credits in each free account per month. These credits can be used to avail different services present on the website. If you want more services or unfortunately run out of credits you can buy them easily from the website’s control panel. The basic state also provides a pro plan which can be bought if you need better services and more number of monitors.


  • Uptime monitor – Basic State monitors the website uptime every 15 minutes and sends immediate alerts by email or SMS whenever the website faces downtime or any other technical issues such as server outage, network outage, server overload, DNS configuration problems etc.
  • Performance reports – It also sends regular performance reports to your email address on a daily basis. The performance reports also provide easy access to a graphical view of the uptime performance and graphs. Basic State also monitors websites which provide support to your website such as transaction gateways, affiliate networks etc.
  • E-commerce monitors – If you own an e-commerce website or provide such services, the basic state can also monitor them. It monitors the payment processing gateways, affiliate marketing networks, PPC and CPA advertising publisher networks, virtual server hosting providers, dedicated server hosting providers, shopping cart hosting providers and much more.

Basic state is a very good choice for people who require good and reliable website monitoring services for free.

5. Internetseer


Internetseer claims to be the world’s largest website monitoring service with more than 2.5 million websites under their monitors worldwide. It promises to provide accurate and reliable free hourly website monitoring services. It provides different services such as availability monitoring, performance monitoring, Link and image checking, Transaction monitoring, Historical and detailed check, and alert reporting etc. 


The basic website monitoring plan on Internetseer is completely free and provides all the basic necessary features that one could ask for. You can also increase the frequency of monitoring lik every 60, 30, 15 or 5 minutes but that would cost you an additional amount. Internetseer also provides three other plans except for the free one which also comes with free trial options.


  • Uptime monitoring – Internetseer monitors your websites 24 hours per day and supports multiple protocols such as HTTP, HTTPS, SMTP, POP3, and other ports.
  • Alerts – Internetseer sends instant alerts whenever it finds any issues with the website via multiple means such as Email, text messages, pager etc. It also provides protection against false alarms so that you do not receive any false alerts regarding your website.
  • Reports – Monthly and weekly reports are sent to the users regarding all the statistical data about their websites such as uptime, server performance, page load speeds etc.

If you are looking forward to a simple, free and reliable website monitoring service then Internetseer can be a great option for you.

Conclusion: Which Website Monitoring Service Should You Choose?

Website monitoring services are an essential part of maintaining your website. You should always opt for a free or paid website monitoring service if you are concerned about the well being and proper functioning of the website. These monitoring services offer detailed statistical data about the website performance and help to identify the cause of issues with the website if any arise during the monitoring period.

You can either opt for free or paid services according to your choice. Though both types of services offer somewhat the same service but paid services are undoubtedly better in terms of service quality.

So here we have listed the top 5 paid website monitoring services and top 5 free website monitoring services which you can choose from.